Your Web Project Step by Step – The Process

One of the most confusing parts of the web design process is understanding how the process will work. It really is a collaborative process between the design/development team and you, our client. In this process, I manage the project, and the team of professional designers and programmers that are dedicated to your project. The best web sites are produced for the lowest cost when these guidelines are followed.  See below for what steps we will take together each step of the way and what we need from you to facilitate the process.

Use Email

Email is most effective method for communication, particularly because it gives us both a written record. Please use it whenever possible. I can be contacted at: jennifer@jennifermyers.ca

Answer Questionnaire

The Questionnaire helps me to understand your company, your specific needs, and your goals. Please answer as much as you can, and as honestly as possible. Be clear on what your goals are. Let me know who you are, what message you want to get across and what you want from your web site.

Look over the Proposal

Your Proposal is the No Obligation Quote from my team. I have evaluated your questionnaire, target market, websites from some of your competitors, and other sites in your area. The proposal spells out our ideas, and the direction we think you should take with your web presence.

Sign and Return Contracts

Please send  back your signed Contracts. Once I receive them, we can get started on the next step of our process.

Send us the Deposit

I will send you an Invoice for Deposit. When the deposit is received, we will then proceed with the conceptualization of your project.

Provide Hosting and Registrar Information

If you were unable to provide this information in the questionnaire stage, or you have switched or acquired a new registrar or hosting company, please send me the name of your hosting and registrar company, your username and password for each, and any database or MySqL passwords you have as well.

Let us Know about Emails

If setting up emails is a part of your package, let us know what emails you would like and where you would like them to point to. For example: yourname@yourdomainname.com pointed to yourname@gmail.com

Content Provisioning

Ideally, we need the content provided before design and development can begin. This gives our team the ability to complete the information architecture. Each page of your web site should have one clear purpose, therefore you need a page for each message you want to communicate. Please deliver content  in an organized and timely manner. Text should be finalized, proofread and ready for publication. Please send us a Word or similar Document. This is the Guideline for how you would like your “copy” or “content” for your website to be presented. This is also a chance for you to confirm the “section” or “page” names that we will use within the navigation structure of your website. Please be thorough, and supply us with any notes we may need to help with your vision.

Stock Photos

don’t forget to send any stockphotos or other images that you would like on your website along with the Content. Graphics should be named carefully and sent in an orderly way.

Design Begins

At this point myself, or a designer on my team, will begin the design process.

Provide Feedback

As part of the Concept Development Process, we will begin sending you links to “Mockups” in jpg form. These are design only, but please pay attention to the navigation structure as well as the overall look and feel. Be honest! Offer clear, helpful feedback to design drafts. Remember that the process consists of 2 rounds of revisions, so be specific about what you like, and what you would like us to revisit.

Template Sign-Off Sheet

When we have a design that we are both satisfied with, we will supply you a Template Sign-Off document to review and sign. This is the last step in the design process, and from this point on we will be into development!

Site Development Begins

During the Development phase, you will have the opportunity to review and approve the work in progress. Please visit the “working URL” link we will provide you with.

Pre-launch Evaluation

Almost there! This is your chance to review all of the pages, and make sure that everything is exactly how you want it. This is your opportunity to carefully review your content, or “copy” and make your second set of content revisions.

Release Form and Website Signoff

When the site is complete and to your satisfaction, we will send you a release document that provides you with the Copyright to he website and images, and any passwords we have collected for your hosting provider & registrar, and any passwords you will need for your shopfront, paypal account, CMS etc if applicable. We must receive this document signed, before we will proceed with the “launch.”

Final Payment

We will send you the final invoice with the balance owing along with the release form. Please re-read the contract, and be reminded of our 30 day payment policy.

Launch Website!

Your website will now be active, and ready for the world to see.

Loose Ends

Sometimes once your site is live and you have had some time to digest, you may realize that there are some things that you would like to change. Generally these are minor like a change to some copy, or an image. If your website was built using a Content Management System, one of our team members can walk you through it on the phone or in person, and you should be able to make this change (and any future changes like it) on your own. If not, no problem. We can go back and tweak some things until your site is perfect. Please note that you will be billed for these separately as final deposit has been processed.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Your contract may or may not include a maintenance package. We offer both monthly maintenance and marketing packages, or hourly rates. If you have any questions, at any time regarding your website, or web opportunities, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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